Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I come visit?

Possibly! Schedules permitting, we are happy to share our wonderful babies with other animal lovers. If you are interested in a farm tour, please reach out via email. We do not charge a specific fee for tours but appreciate donations if possible.

  • Do you ever rehome the animals to adopters?

Except for special cases (ex. foster kittens), nope. Many of our animals have specific needs and care requirements that the average adopter would not be prepared for. When animals join our sanctuary, they become forever family.

  • What are donations used for?

100% of monetary donations go towards animal feed, care, and infrastructure. All of our labor is volunteered, meaning that we do not pay ourselves or anyone else using sanctuary funds. In addition to running the farm, both of us work full time.

  • I need to rehome an animal. Will you take them?

It depends. Unfortunately, our space is not unlimited. If you reach out via email we will help however we can, whether that means referring you to other resources or taking them in ourselves. Please know that it absolutely breaks my heart to say no, and that your animal's life is no less precious to us. There are simply more animals in need than we could ever possibly care for.

More questions? Contact us here!